Revitol Dermasis Relieve The Itch And Resolving Plaque By Psoriasis

Revitol Dermasis is a Psoriasis cream that helps to relieve symptoms of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition that results from over rapid growth of skin cells which then produced the scaly plaques on various part of the body. Apart from being very disfiguring, the plaques can sometimes cause irresistible itch.

Psoriasis treatment concentrates on providing alleviate the exasperating itch and resolving the ugly plaque on the skin. Psoriasis treatments focus on symptomatic relieve medications or medications to suppress the condition. Usual first line of therapy is to use psoriasis cream. Should this unable to contain the condition, next option is to use oral immunosuppressing medications or UV therapy.

Some of the common ingredients used in psoriasis creams are steroids, coal tar, salicylic acid, vitamin D analogues and the newer agents of calcineurin inhibitors. These are FDA approved therapy with various degree of efficacy. The main reason behind the variable success rate is difference in individual response and underlying severity of condition to these psoriasis creams. Some may not achieve suppression of psoriasis but obtain at least some relieve of itchiness, redness, scaling from psoriasis.

Revitol Dermasis is a product designed to relieve the sometimes maddening itch caused by psoriasis. The main active ingredient in Revitol Dermasis is salicylic acid which is keratolytic agent. It is postulated that 2% salicylic acid reduces pH on the outer skin layer and weaken the binding between skin cells. This mechanism subsequently helps soften and loosen the plaques. Salicylic acid provides a safe option because of its limited toxicity unless use in combination of oral salicylic acid intake.

Other ingredients in Revitol Dermasis are palm oil, vitamin E acetate and tea tree oil. The palm oil makes the Revitol Dermasis formulation easier to get absorbed through the thick plaques. This is essential for effective treatment. Vitamin E acetate is intense antioxidant that can protect the skin from damaging effect of ultraviolet from the sun and gives extra moisturizing effect. The tea tree oil originating from Australia has antibacterial effect, which may help with safeguarding good skin condition.

Revitol Dermasis – How To Use?

Apart from medications, taking good care of the skin is essential to treat psoriasis. Therefore, the Revitol Dermasis is suitable for all suffering from psoriasis. The soothing psoriasis cream is formulated with good emollient and moisturizing ingredients to help with mitigating the psoriasis symptoms. After cleaning affected area with thick plaques, apply Revitol Dermasis up to four times a day and allow time for the salicylic acid in cream to get rid of the plaques.

It is noted that salicylic acid cream does not cause harm but if need to use more than 20% of the entire body surface area, seek advice from doctor. Another important tip to remember when applying psoriasis cream is not to cover up the applied area with any dressing. This is to avoid too much Revitol Dermasis being absorbed.

Revitol Dermasis is not can alleviate the nuisance or sometimes depressing ugly symptoms of psoriasis. Psoriasis cream is important as part of psoriasis treatment by easing the bothersome scaly plaques, redness or itch.