How to Handle Rectum Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Although rectum bleeding hemorrhoids are a common medical condition most sufferers do find them a bit embarrassing. However, instead of feeling embarrassed one must seek medical attention if the condition becomes severe. There are many causes for hemorrhoids most of which are typically associated with straining while passing stools. They can also be caused by dietary concerns, constipation and diarrhea, pregnancy, obesity and even sitting or standing for extended periods of time. The pressure experienced by the veins in the rectum due to any of the reasons mentioned above is capable of causing hemorrhoids.

Rectum bleeding hemorrhoids could be internal or external. They can bleed and even itch due to which their presence could be very painful and unpleasant. Internal hemorrhoids can be difficult to intercept since they cannot be seen and more than likely cannot be felt either. They may well go unnoticed if not for the possibility of bleeding and hence the presence of blood is a very good indication of internal hemorrhoids. Close examination is necessary to detect internal hemorrhoids. On the other hand, external hemorrhoids, also known as thrombosed hemorrhoids, are more obvious, they are easy to see and therefore easy to diagnose and treat. They are also typically far more painful, especially if the blood clots within them and causes them to become excessively swollen.

A hemorrhoid may often go away on its own within a few days but if it does not go away there are many over the counter treatments that are available to treat a hemorrhoid and which often give immediate relief. There are many salves and ointments available that contain hydrocortisone or anti inflammatory ingredients which are effective against hemorrhoids. Home remedies like application of ice packs and consuming pain killers are also practiced in order to seek immediate relief from pain.

As a last resort and only after all other treatments fail, surgery might be the only solution for treating rectum bleeding hemorrhoids. There are several different types of surgical treatments available like ligation and use of laser or infra red light and it is the doctor’s responsibility to suggest the best possible method of treatment. Anyone who is in need of hemorrhoid surgery should not only discuss the matter in depth with the doctor prior to the surgical procedure but should also seriously consider lifestyle changes like including plenty of fiber in the diet, drinking minimum eight glasses of water in a day and indulging in plenty of physical exercise.