Frontal hair loss treatment

Amidst the claims of various hair product manufacturers for having the most effective and immediate remedy for hair loss, medical experts tell us otherwise. There is no quick magic formula to reverse a receding hairline or get back the lost hair. For the meantime you have to bear with the embarrassment of exposing your balding forehead while you seek for the most effective frontal hair loss treatment available in the market.


A receding hairline initially manifests itself at the front portion of the forehead or at the temple. The hairs in these areas get brittle and thus fall off completely, later. This kind of hair loss is usually caused by genes you inherited which make you susceptible to the over-production of 5-alpha reductase in your body. When this enzyme combines with testosterone (male sexual hormones) it produces DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which attacks hair follicles, make them weak, brittle and fall of completely. Sad to think but with this kind of cause, prevention is hardly possible. Effective frontal hair loss treatment however is available if you look hard enough.

Options to consider

To obtain an effective frontal hair loss treatment, you must harness the support of the experts. Never make self-diagnosis and self-treatments if you are suffering from thinning and hair loss since you might only aggravate the condition, instead of curing it. Consult a doctor regarding your condition to determine the real trigger for the hair loss. He can prescribe you medicines or the appropriate treatment if a medical condition or some triggering factors such as pregnancy, menopause, hormone replacement therapy and the likes are causing the hair loss. The doctor can also refer you to a hair loss specialist if your condition is genetically-caused or some faulty lifestyle and practices, to help you alleviate the situation or help you regenerate hair growth on the affected areas.

Over-the-counter topical treatments

After conferring with the doctor, performing some laboratory testing and finding out the real cause of the hair loss, you can try some frontal hair loss treatment which had been proven to be quite effective. These over-the-counter medicines such as the topical treatment Rogaine containing Minoxidil has been used by many people who claim to have some average success in treating hair loss with it. Applying the topical solution to the affected area twice a day is prescribed to encourage re-growth of hair.

Moderate therapeutic approach

An oral medicine which doctors will probably prescribe should the topical application of minoxidil proves ineffective, is Propecia which shall be taken for a period of one year. An effective frontal hair loss treatment, propecia has been known to efficiently cure the condition although it would take some time before you can see the results. Combined with hormone blockers, this hair re-growth treatment has been known to yield more than satisfying results.

Aggressive therapeutic approach

Should the topical application, oral medication and hormone blockers proves futile in frontal hair loss treatment, one can always take the most aggressive type of treating hair loss, hair implant. This is the most extreme approach in the curing since it involves surgery which should only be performed by licensed practitioner.

Addressing the real culprit

No matter what approach to treatment will be considered, they each have their own merits. Each can performed differently in different scenarios thus the reaction can also be much varied. For instance, topical application of medicines can have some side effects such as allergic reactions or irritations in the scalp. Frontal hair loss treatment using drugs or supplements can trigger digestive upsets and even changes in the libido. Thus, it is important that you ascertain first what causes your frontal hair loss and what are the appropriate medicines or treatment to take, to permanently solve the problem. Sometimes treatment could just be as simple as changing your damaging lifestyle, diet and outlook in life.