The Postpartum Depression Research

Baby blues is an illness that is incorporated with postpartum depression but the latter is much severe compared to the first.  It is a form of depression that is usually seen in women who just had born a child.

Overview of Postpartum Depression Research

There are a lot of researches that described this illness as a disorder that will make you feel unhappy, down in the dumps, sad, depressed and suffer.  It is very common that a woman will experience this kind of condition once in her lifetime.  Although there are a lot of manifestations that this disorder can bring, the main point that is very alarming about it is anger management.  This will cause the woman to be annoyed all the time and even can be observed s a feeling of happiness and angriness.  Moreover, it also comes with different stages from low, moderate to serious.

There are also some cases where major effects can be felt especially when the women just gave birth.  The researches that are inclined to postpartum depression also deals with the explanation on why the patient will feel anxiousness, sleep disorder, difficulty to focus, guilt feeling, irritability, and constant crying and a feeling of sadness.  These symptoms will manifest for weeks or even months compared to baby blues which will fade away in less than a week.  Moreover, these feelings can even extend up to years if left untreated.  There are also some claims which point to hormone alternation as one of the factor that made them act this way.  But no matter what cause it might have, it is up to the family and close friends and love ones of the patient to help her recover on this situation because she will need it a lot and she can’t do it all by herself.  There are also some research results that shows medications to be an effective way in treating this kind of depression.

If you are suffering from serious depression after giving birth, you are sure to need some treatment.  Researches claim that this happens between 4 weeks after delivery and it can extend up to months and even years if left with no action at all.  The symptoms are very similar to baby blues which inhibit the feeling of being hopeless, unhappy, fussiness and anxiety but then again it is much more powerful and will tend to last long too.  Postpartum depression will also tend to hinder her from doing her everyday activities.  And if she can’t function well in her responsibilities, it will lead to more frustrations in her part that is why to avoid it from worsening treatment should be done with haste.

There is what we call a postpartum mental disease but it is a good thing to know that this disease is lees common compared to postpartum depression. Only 3 out of 1000 women will have this kind of mental disease.  There are also researches that show 1-2 out of the three can be cured through psychosis and any other medication effectively.  There are some people who claim that the decrease of thyroid level made it possible for postpartum psychosis to happen.  It happens between 4 weeks after the delivery and will also manifest almost the same symptom as postpartum depression but only with more severity and will last even more than you expected it to be.

Revitol Dermasis Relieve The Itch And Resolving Plaque By Psoriasis

Revitol Dermasis is a Psoriasis cream that helps to relieve symptoms of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition that results from over rapid growth of skin cells which then produced the scaly plaques on various part of the body. Apart from being very disfiguring, the plaques can sometimes cause irresistible itch.

Psoriasis treatment concentrates on providing alleviate the exasperating itch and resolving the ugly plaque on the skin. Psoriasis treatments focus on symptomatic relieve medications or medications to suppress the condition. Usual first line of therapy is to use psoriasis cream. Should this unable to contain the condition, next option is to use oral immunosuppressing medications or UV therapy.

Some of the common ingredients used in psoriasis creams are steroids, coal tar, salicylic acid, vitamin D analogues and the newer agents of calcineurin inhibitors. These are FDA approved therapy with various degree of efficacy. The main reason behind the variable success rate is difference in individual response and underlying severity of condition to these psoriasis creams. Some may not achieve suppression of psoriasis but obtain at least some relieve of itchiness, redness, scaling from psoriasis.

Revitol Dermasis is a product designed to relieve the sometimes maddening itch caused by psoriasis. The main active ingredient in Revitol Dermasis is salicylic acid which is keratolytic agent. It is postulated that 2% salicylic acid reduces pH on the outer skin layer and weaken the binding between skin cells. This mechanism subsequently helps soften and loosen the plaques. Salicylic acid provides a safe option because of its limited toxicity unless use in combination of oral salicylic acid intake.

Other ingredients in Revitol Dermasis are palm oil, vitamin E acetate and tea tree oil. The palm oil makes the Revitol Dermasis formulation easier to get absorbed through the thick plaques. This is essential for effective treatment. Vitamin E acetate is intense antioxidant that can protect the skin from damaging effect of ultraviolet from the sun and gives extra moisturizing effect. The tea tree oil originating from Australia has antibacterial effect, which may help with safeguarding good skin condition.

Revitol Dermasis – How To Use?

Apart from medications, taking good care of the skin is essential to treat psoriasis. Therefore, the Revitol Dermasis is suitable for all suffering from psoriasis. The soothing psoriasis cream is formulated with good emollient and moisturizing ingredients to help with mitigating the psoriasis symptoms. After cleaning affected area with thick plaques, apply Revitol Dermasis up to four times a day and allow time for the salicylic acid in cream to get rid of the plaques.

It is noted that salicylic acid cream does not cause harm but if need to use more than 20% of the entire body surface area, seek advice from doctor. Another important tip to remember when applying psoriasis cream is not to cover up the applied area with any dressing. This is to avoid too much Revitol Dermasis being absorbed.

Revitol Dermasis is not can alleviate the nuisance or sometimes depressing ugly symptoms of psoriasis. Psoriasis cream is important as part of psoriasis treatment by easing the bothersome scaly plaques, redness or itch.

How to Handle Rectum Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Although rectum bleeding hemorrhoids are a common medical condition most sufferers do find them a bit embarrassing. However, instead of feeling embarrassed one must seek medical attention if the condition becomes severe. There are many causes for hemorrhoids most of which are typically associated with straining while passing stools. They can also be caused by dietary concerns, constipation and diarrhea, pregnancy, obesity and even sitting or standing for extended periods of time. The pressure experienced by the veins in the rectum due to any of the reasons mentioned above is capable of causing hemorrhoids.

Rectum bleeding hemorrhoids could be internal or external. They can bleed and even itch due to which their presence could be very painful and unpleasant. Internal hemorrhoids can be difficult to intercept since they cannot be seen and more than likely cannot be felt either. They may well go unnoticed if not for the possibility of bleeding and hence the presence of blood is a very good indication of internal hemorrhoids. Close examination is necessary to detect internal hemorrhoids. On the other hand, external hemorrhoids, also known as thrombosed hemorrhoids, are more obvious, they are easy to see and therefore easy to diagnose and treat. They are also typically far more painful, especially if the blood clots within them and causes them to become excessively swollen.

A hemorrhoid may often go away on its own within a few days but if it does not go away there are many over the counter treatments that are available to treat a hemorrhoid and which often give immediate relief. There are many salves and ointments available that contain hydrocortisone or anti inflammatory ingredients which are effective against hemorrhoids. Home remedies like application of ice packs and consuming pain killers are also practiced in order to seek immediate relief from pain.

As a last resort and only after all other treatments fail, surgery might be the only solution for treating rectum bleeding hemorrhoids. There are several different types of surgical treatments available like ligation and use of laser or infra red light and it is the doctor’s responsibility to suggest the best possible method of treatment. Anyone who is in need of hemorrhoid surgery should not only discuss the matter in depth with the doctor prior to the surgical procedure but should also seriously consider lifestyle changes like including plenty of fiber in the diet, drinking minimum eight glasses of water in a day and indulging in plenty of physical exercise.

Frontal hair loss treatment

Amidst the claims of various hair product manufacturers for having the most effective and immediate remedy for hair loss, medical experts tell us otherwise. There is no quick magic formula to reverse a receding hairline or get back the lost hair. For the meantime you have to bear with the embarrassment of exposing your balding forehead while you seek for the most effective frontal hair loss treatment available in the market.


A receding hairline initially manifests itself at the front portion of the forehead or at the temple. The hairs in these areas get brittle and thus fall off completely, later. This kind of hair loss is usually caused by genes you inherited which make you susceptible to the over-production of 5-alpha reductase in your body. When this enzyme combines with testosterone (male sexual hormones) it produces DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which attacks hair follicles, make them weak, brittle and fall of completely. Sad to think but with this kind of cause, prevention is hardly possible. Effective frontal hair loss treatment however is available if you look hard enough.

Options to consider

To obtain an effective frontal hair loss treatment, you must harness the support of the experts. Never make self-diagnosis and self-treatments if you are suffering from thinning and hair loss since you might only aggravate the condition, instead of curing it. Consult a doctor regarding your condition to determine the real trigger for the hair loss. He can prescribe you medicines or the appropriate treatment if a medical condition or some triggering factors such as pregnancy, menopause, hormone replacement therapy and the likes are causing the hair loss. The doctor can also refer you to a hair loss specialist if your condition is genetically-caused or some faulty lifestyle and practices, to help you alleviate the situation or help you regenerate hair growth on the affected areas.

Over-the-counter topical treatments

After conferring with the doctor, performing some laboratory testing and finding out the real cause of the hair loss, you can try some frontal hair loss treatment which had been proven to be quite effective. These over-the-counter medicines such as the topical treatment Rogaine containing Minoxidil has been used by many people who claim to have some average success in treating hair loss with it. Applying the topical solution to the affected area twice a day is prescribed to encourage re-growth of hair.

Moderate therapeutic approach

An oral medicine which doctors will probably prescribe should the topical application of minoxidil proves ineffective, is Propecia which shall be taken for a period of one year. An effective frontal hair loss treatment, propecia has been known to efficiently cure the condition although it would take some time before you can see the results. Combined with hormone blockers, this hair re-growth treatment has been known to yield more than satisfying results.

Aggressive therapeutic approach

Should the topical application, oral medication and hormone blockers proves futile in frontal hair loss treatment, one can always take the most aggressive type of treating hair loss, hair implant. This is the most extreme approach in the curing since it involves surgery which should only be performed by licensed practitioner.

Addressing the real culprit

No matter what approach to treatment will be considered, they each have their own merits. Each can performed differently in different scenarios thus the reaction can also be much varied. For instance, topical application of medicines can have some side effects such as allergic reactions or irritations in the scalp. Frontal hair loss treatment using drugs or supplements can trigger digestive upsets and even changes in the libido. Thus, it is important that you ascertain first what causes your frontal hair loss and what are the appropriate medicines or treatment to take, to permanently solve the problem. Sometimes treatment could just be as simple as changing your damaging lifestyle, diet and outlook in life.

Albuterol Inhaler – Benefits, Dangers & Alternatives

Albuterol inhaler is a short acting beta agonist which works as a bronchildilator and is used in cases of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to bring quick relief to breathing difficulties normally in the form of an albuterol inhaler.

Beta agonists work by stimulating the body’s beta receptors, particularly those on the muscles surrounding the airways. And causing  the muscles to relax,  opening up the airways and allowing more air to enter the lungs.

Albuterol may also be employed as a preventative in cases of exercise-induced asthma.

Whilst albuterol is available as tablet, an extended-release tablet and a syrup, it is most commonly employed as an albuterol inhaler. In the latter case it may be prescribed as a solution for nebulization, in a metered dose inhaler or in a powder-filled capsule which can be inhaled using a powder inhaler.

Albuterol is marketed by GlaxoSmithKline under the brand names Ventolin, Ventilan, Aerolin or Ventorlin, by Cipla as Asthalin and Asthavent; by Schering-Plough as Proventil and by Pharmaceutical as ProAir.

Using an Albuterol Inhaler

Albuterol should be taken only in accordance with a doctors prescription. It should not be taken more frequently than every four hours. If you find that you need to use it more often than prescribed this may be a sign that your condition is worsening and you should seek medical advice without delay.

The dose prescribed will vary according to such factors as your age, the severity of your condition, the brand used and any other medications you may be using.

In all cases you should familiarise yourself with the correct way to use the albuterol inhaler and know at what stage to take it.

It is of vital importance that you never adjust your dose without seeking medical advice first as Albuterol inhalers incorrectly used may increase the risk of asthma-related death..

Side Effects of Albuterol Inhalers

The list of possible side effects is extensive. As in all drugs some may not experience any at all whilst others may be affected by quite serious reactions.

The less serious side effects of albuterol inhalers may include:



Loss of appetite


Uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body



Cough, hoarseness, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose

Sleeping problems (insomnia)

More serious side effects include:

Very high blood pressure experienced as severe headache, blurred vision, buzzing in your ears, confusion and anxiety, chest pains, a shortness of breath, palpitations and seizures.

Allergic reactions hypotension, urinary bronchospasm and collapse

Low Potassium levels extreme thirst,  muscle weakness, increased urination and confusion. These symptoms may be particularly pronounced in those suffering from renal failure.

If you experience any of the more serious symptoms you should seek urgent medical advice.

Precautions When Using a Albuterol Inhaler

There is a danger of adverse interactions with certain other drugs. these include diuretics (water tablets), many antidepressants, other bronchodilators and MAO inhibitors.

Albuterol inhalers should not be used when pregnant as it is listed as likely to harm the unborn child.

If it enters the eyes, they should be flushed immediately with copious amounts of water and medical attention sought.

Alternatives to Using an Albuterol Inhaler

Whilst an albuterol inhaler may have its place as an emergency standby,  those affected adversly will wish to seek alternatives. There are a number of options for consideration. Firstly there are other short acting beta agonists which include pirbuterol (Maxair) or levalbuterol. Secondly long acting beta agonists may be employed where a doctor considers it appropriate. These are usually effective for upto 12 hours and are normally prescribed together with a corticosteroid drug.

Finally there is the truly alternative approach.

There are certain specific herbal remedies which can be used to advantage. These include mullien, often combined with sage and plantain, which when the vapour from a hot infusion is inhaled can help to dislodge phlegm. Anti-spasmotic herbs such as lobelia and valerian can help to quickly allieviate body spasms and there are also a number of propriety preparations formulated to benefit the lungs.

Traditional chinese medicine may also offer a solution when conducted by a qualified practitioner employing both chinese herbs and acupuncture.

Homeopathy can often bring very beneficial results quite quickly. Whilst this can be attempted at home, due to the number of possible homeopathic remedies to choose from the use of a properly qualified and experienced homeopath is almost an imperative.

What all natural approaches will have in common is the aim of strengthening the immune system and stimulating the bodys own internal healing mechanism. Do not expect a doctor to approve of any methods that do not employ drugs.  However effective these alternative treatments may be in the long term it may remain necessary to employ an albuterol inhaler for short term emergencies.